A branded one way School / parent communicator for smart phones

Unlike any other communication mediums like text, Facebook page or Twitter group, E-Scroll gives your school the best way to inform and alert parents of your school’s student’s with the content of your choice from anywhere. Unlike the old style printed circulars attached in the student’s homework diary, E-Scroll is a fast and reliable system to deliver everyday information, child’s progress report, send homework or syllabus etc. you can also enjoy the benefit of one way communication so no one other than Admin can send back a message to the group or each other through this system.


Important everyday information

Schools can give parents the information they want via their smartphone. That way parents stay in the loop and get the information that is important to them. Schools can control the content.


Control & Customization

Your school decides what content to send and when, so parents are instantly updated. Your teachers, coaches and administrators can manage their own content independently. Messages send by the teachers can only be sent to the respective class. The app can also be customized with the images and logos of your school.